Cannabis Vertical Farms

“Higher” Profits and Yields

States are legalizing medical and recreational cannabis faster then the product can be grown, giving rise to the number of cannabis vertical farms and cannabis farming companies found throughout the country. Current growers in the cannabis vertical farming industry can’t keep pace with demands because of space limitations. Space versus environmental controls are limiting the production potential of cannabis farming companies. Current demand dictates the need to grow with chemicals and pesticides, threatening the quality of the cannabis and health of the patient.

Historically cannabis grown indoors consisted of hydroponic techniques, heavily fertilized with synthetic chemicals and treated with pesticides and fungicides. These techniques are known to reduce the quality and taste, while raising and safety concerns due to residual chemicals.

GLTI has completed multiple beta growing cycles, and the data shows our cannabis vertical farms have been able to outgrow traditional techniques with our Vertical Cultivation System (VCS)®.

Third party test data has shown above industry average THC, Terpens’s and CBD while increasing grams per watt and pounds per square foot.

Why GLTi?

Proprietary Property: Hardware, bioSoil and our LED / UVB Lighting

  • GLTi has perfected the organic indoor growing techniques.
  • We grow in 100% complete “Living Soil”
  • No Hydroponics!
  • Due to its adaptability and constructive properties, the GLT Plug and Play can also easily accommodate Hydroponic growing techniques.

Plug and Play

  • Two decades of vertical walls and agricultural systems
  • Optimized for interior or exterior
  • Perfected for vertical agriculture
  • Reduced labor by 70%
  • Virtually ZERO waste water!
  • 100% recycled stainless and aluminum – NO plastic
  • GLTi is the manufacturer and have 100% control over the value chain


  • BioSoil is Probiotics for plants, an advanced science and biotechnology and an all-in-one agriculture product that will augment compost, manure, humus, compost teas and other biologics and lower or eliminate the need for fertilizers, water, fungicides, pesticides, and/or other chemicals.
  • A wide consortium of living, natural, Beneficial Bacteria and Organic Humates; a combination that has proven very effective in producing dense crops rich in flavor.
  • GLTi’s photosynthetic bacteria produce sugars increasing the brix (sugar) levels, taste, quality and density.
  • GLTi biSoil is Certified Organic

LED Lighting Technologies (Patent Pending)

  • High Performance, Broad Function LED Lighting
  • Industry-best flux density, flux/cost, and system efficacy (flux/joules)
    • Wide spectrum from 350 nm – 780 nm that emulates natural sun light
    • Enhanced intensity at desired spectral ranges (blue, red)
    • NO separate Vegetation room
    • NO separate Bloom room
    • 730 nm (Far Red) spectra on separate, controllable circuit
    • Lumen depreciation We build in a surplus of LEDs and output capacity that is drawn from to maintain the desired flux density and avoid reduced plant yields
    • Deeper Canopy Penetration means increased yields
    • Software managed specificity between light, water, nutrient uptake
    • 5% lower operating cost for cannabis
    • Average yield 1-2 grams per watt

HVAC and Dehumidification

Up to 65% Energy Savings

Wrap‐around dehumidification technology uses a heat exchanger to precool incoming room air by exchanging its heat with the outgoing cold air. Thus, “free” pre‐cooling reduces cooling load while providing “free” heating using the warmer incoming air. This synergistic process of pre‐cooling and heating offers energy savings up to 65% and decouples humidity control from temperature control.

Facility Controls – Watchdog III

High end Control system – Decentralized architecture composed of small control modules that can be installed near the equipment to be controlled. Being zone independent, it is not limited to a given number of zones and permits full use of the hardware resources.

GLTi Three Phase Partnership with Existing Cannabis License Owners

Design /Build:

GLTI provides the knowhow and environmental controls to more than double the existing growing space without the additional square footage. We design to maximize the cubic feet of a space rather than the square foot. Upon completion of the design and environmental engineering GLTI oversees the installation of your new facility or the retro fit of an existing facility.


GLTI will provide a full time facility manager, the license owner will be responsible for additional labor required to operate the facility.

Guaranteed Performance Specification:

GLTI is providing a guaranteed yield, anything beyond the yield GLTI will revenue share. Each facility will be negotiated individually.