Green Living Roofs

Taking Sustainability to New Heights

A green roof or green rooftop is more than just beautiful. Green roof technology can provide important environmental and economic green roof benefits for individuals, businesses, communities and the world in which we all live. Green Living Technologies International’s Patented Green Roof Panel System features a variety of green roof plants, offering an all-in-one, built-up green roof designed to control stormwater runoff, improve energy conservation and increase air quality. With the performance and design flexibility, and ease of modular installation, our proprietary green rooftops are fully manufactured within the USA and feature Lifetime Warranties. Green Living Technologies International also provides consulting, architectural and project management services for “do it yourself green roof applications.” So when you want to bring your roof to life, call Green Living Technologies International, where green rooftops are second nature.

A green living roof offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces energy for heating and cooling
  • Reduces storm water run-off
  • Filters pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater
  • Fosters Natural Habitat Creation
  • Filters pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air (can help lower rate of respiratory diseases)
  • Insulates buildings for sound
  • Increases the life of the waterproofing
  • Increases real estate value by adding amenity space and roof gardens
  • Green Living Roofs can easily be installed with our patented  panels, as amenity space, roof gardens and patios
  • With 3200 lbs of compression strength there is one system for all types of green roof applications – extensive, intensive and hybrid

The Natural Resource Defense Council tells us stormwater runoff is the major contributor to water pollution in America and one of the most serious issues facing our society today. Numerous cities throughout the United States, including New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Seattle and Portland, have undertaken innovative stormwater initiatives that turn away from the old grey infrastructure of sewage treatment facilities and massive piped systems. Instead, these cities are turning to green infrastructure technology, like the green roofs and green rooftops offered by Green Living Technologies International.

Our green roof plants and soils collect stormwater, preventing and slowing runoff into sewer systems and the hazardous overflows this can create. Our green rooftops utilize GLTI organic bioSoil, and are free from synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. So, don’t let your green roof become part of the environmental problem of fertilizer runoff. Let Green Living Technologies International’s green roof technology turn your green rooftop into a beautiful and environmentally-safe setting that provides protection for your business and the cities where you work and live.

Our green roof systems utilizes GLTI organic bioSoil  and free from synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Don’t let your green roof become part of the environmental problem of fertilizer runoff.

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