Green Walls

Green Walls Second Only to Nature

Green Living Technologies International is committed to the greening of cities, and the living architecture that blends the talents of architects, landscape architects, engineers and horticulturalists. We recognize the opportunities to collaborate and expand the larger green building movement through the underutilized technology that is Living Walls. Green Living Technologies is on the cutting edge of designing, installing and maintaining interior and exterior Living Walls that are fully manufactured in the USA, guaranteed for a lifetime of enhanced aesthetics, and serve to positively impact the environment through improving air quality and reducing the urban heat island effect. No matter the location, size or space, Green Living Technologies is ready when you call to create a Living Wall that is second only to nature in its design, beauty and positive effect on the environment.

Patented Green Living Walls – Grow Vertical

Green Wall _ GRHC Award_webThe Green Living Wall was developed as an extreme sloped green roof. After a few changes in design we were able to grow plants from zero to ninety degrees.

Like the patented Green Living Roofs, Green Living Walls reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling through shading and evapo-transpiration, remove pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air, insulate buildings and rooms for sound, promote eco-marketing, and beautify your surroundings immeasurably. Patented Green Living walls are available as wall-mounted systems or a free-standing system. Green Living Technologies has pioneered growing food vertically and organically without hydroponics, called Urban Farms.

Unlike other systems made of bags, plastic, and felt, the Green Living Wall is made to last.  Since they are each manufactured from aluminum or stainless and preferred by LEED, (link) there is no threat of expansion and contraction or the degradation of materials which become a health, safety and maintenance concern.

From the North Shore in Hawaii, the scholarly halls of Harvard and Rockefeller Center in NYC  we are the strongest product with the most advanced biology available. It is through science we build our success. Proper media, irrigation and biological applications (GLTi bioSoil). With an optional monitoring system can provide us direct feedback to our central data base allowing us to monitor the walls from our home office.

We have stood the test of time becoming more and more advanced and improving the long  success rates of our Patented Green Living Walls.  Don’t settle for less, insure your next green wall is a GLTi Original!

Large scale project or a single panel, every green wall is a one of a kind piece of art.

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