Green Living Walls

Our green living walls will improve the air you breathe and take your breath away

Through its quality manufactured and grown green walls, proven excellent GLTi green wall systems and breathtaking green wall plants, Green Living Technologies International is turning the dream of greening cities into a reality. Green Living Technology Internationals’ green walls give rise to living architecture that blends the talents of architects, artists, landscape architects, engineers and horticulturalists. We recognize the opportunities to collaborate and expand the greater green building movement through the underutilized technology that is green walls.

Green Living Technologies International brings the technological expertise and American manufacturing excellence needed to help modern-day architects, landscape architects, designers and engineers bring natural beauty, sustainability and organic growth to the already magnificent buildings and structures they design. With two decades of experience and industry-setting standards, Green Living Technologies International is on the cutting edge of design, installation and maintenance of interior and exterior green walls that are wholly fully manufactured in the USA and guaranteed for a lifetime of environmental benefits and green beauty.

Patented Green Living Walls – Grow Vertical

Green Wall _ GRHC Award_webThe Green Living Wall was developed as an extreme sloped green roof. After a few changes in design we were able to grow plants from zero to ninety degrees.

Patented Green Living walls are available as wall-mounted systems or a free-standing system. Green Living Technologies has pioneered the Vertical Cultivation System® (VCS®).

Unlike other systems made of bags, plastic, and felt, the Green Living Wall is made  from aluminum and stainless and preferred by LEED. There is no threat of expansion or degradation material which becomes a health, safety and maintenance hazard.

From the North Shore in Hawaii, the scholarly halls of Harvard and Rockefeller Center in NYC  we are the strongest product with the most advanced biology available. It is through science we build our success. Proper media, irrigation and biological applications (GLTI bioSoil). With an optional monitoring system can provide us direct feedback to our central data base allowing us to monitor the walls from our home office.

We have stood the test of time becoming more and more advanced and improving the long success rates of our Patented Green Living Walls.  Don’t settle for less, insure your next green wall is a GLTI Original!

Large scale project or a single panel, every green wall is a one of a kind piece of art.

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