About GLTI

Green Living Technologies International


Green Living Technologies International, LLC continues to evolve as a leader and solutions company by providing intelligent green technologies. Our modern and competitive world provides exciting and challenging opportunities. A green living technologies application can secure the balance between community, education, economics and environment. Our green roof and green wall products touch the world in many ways, GLTi provides quality market driven solutions with a goal to bridge community involvement, provide learning opportunities and create jobs without impacting the environment.

Our 18 years of expertise supersedes our competition. GLTi had set the standard and influenced the birth of an industry. Our expertise has taken us to 13 countries and countless projects from Alaska to the Middle East. GLTi was the first manufacturer to implement a formal training and one of the most intensive training and certification opportunities including: Green roofs, Green walls, Urban Farming, Roof Top Agriculture and Vertical Farming using the GLTi systems providing educational curriculum & job training programs specific to the products we manufacture. Our ongoing research and development keeps us on the forefront of product materials and know how. GLTi is consistently pushing the boundary.

The GLTi business model completes the value chain: manufacturing, design, consulting, products, install and maintenance services and a lifetime warranty on all of the products we manufacture.  We have the ability to distribute and ship globally.

We manufacture our patented Green Living Roofs, Green Living Wall and the GLTi Plug and Play.

Green Living Roof:

Strong, flexible yet light weight green roof system designed around water management and plant health. Since each layer of material is adhered the modularity of the system allows for an easy, fast and clean installation.

Green Living Wall:

Manufactured from 100% recycled stainless or aluminum at a 6” depth for exterior wall mounted applications. Complete with the GLTi g2 Cover to prevent erosion, the panels can be planted off site and installed 100% mature.

GLTi Plug and Play:

The most advanced yet simplest Living Wall system available period! The GLTi Plug and Play is unlike any other living wall to date, manufactured from the quality aluminum and stainless we use for our Green Living Wall Panels, the GLTi Plug and Play will not warp, crack, or disfigure, typical with plastic products.

The patented design allows for a modular installation with only two pieces of hardware per section. Standard sections available up to 6 foot high. The modularity simplicity reduces labor by 70% and hardware by 90%, this means less penetrations compared to any living wall available today!

  • The irrigation is 100% calculated and perfect for locations where an internal drain is not an option.
  • The GLTi Plug and Play utilizes industry standard 4”, 6” and one gallon pots for larger scale and exterior / interior projects.
  • Because it’s made from stainless or aluminum it can be used outdoors.
  • Simple irrigation, simple drainage, no reservoir, no float valve, no UV light, no overflow, less hardware, less headache, less maintenance.
  • Available in wall mounted and freestanding.


SERVICES we provide architects, installers and general contractors….

Design and Concept:

Preliminary shop drawings, conceptual and budget coordination.

Construction Documentation:

Design, design build options, architectural shop drawing, mechanical, irrigation, plants, mounting, submittals.

Project Management, Consulting and Job site Supervision:

Have us manage your project, provide on-site supervision, quality control and improve efficiency.

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