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About: Green Living Technologies International (GLTi)

PNC-Green-Wall_webGreen Living Technologies International, LLC and the GLT Institute LLC continues to evolve as a leader and solutions company by providing intelligent green technologies. Our modern and competitive world provides exciting and challenging opportunities. A green living technologies application can secure the balance between community, education, economics and environment. Our products touch the world in many ways, GLTi provides quality market driven solutions as we place the needs of others before our own and apply a compassionate and comprehensive skill set to each opportunity with a goal to bridge community involvement, provide learning opportunities, create jobs without impacting the environment.

GLTi has representatives and installers globally who have attended the GLTi Certification Training.   Our green walls and green roofs have been installed in over nine countries, including iconic projects like the PNC Bank Green Living Wall, the 17,000 square foot Green Living Wall on the Intercontinental Hotel in Santiago Chile and our Green Living Roof Panels atop the third largest green roof in Canada (68,000 sq. ft.) for Sysco Foods outside of Vancouver BC.

The GLTi business model completes the value chain: manufacturing, design, consulting, products, services, and long term warranties.  Our manufacturing facilities are located near Rochester, NY.  We also provide one of the most intensive  training and certification opportunities through the GLT Institute, LLC and  include: Green roofs, Green walls, Urban Farming, Roof Top Agriculture and Vertical Farming using the GLTi Green Living Wall systems – providing educational curriculum & job training.  Unlike other accreditation we provide our attendees ongoing support helping them quote projects, project management and professional shop drawings.

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SERVICES we provide architects, installers and general contractors….

Design and Concept: Preliminary shop drawings, conceptual and budget coordination.

Construction Documentation: Design, design build options, architectural shop drawing, mechanical, irrigation, plants, mounting, submittals.

Project Management, Consulting and Job site Supervision: Have us manage your project, provide on site supervision, quality control and improve efficiency.