Vertical Farms

Reinventing agriculture, changing the way we grow

From our inception, Green Living Technologies International’s vertical farms were designed to support edible produce, making our vertical farming systems the best among vertical farming companies. We have over 18 years of living wall expertise and have helped create some of the most iconic projects in the world, ranging from vertical farm skyscrapers to vertical farming New York and vertical farming New Jersey. Our goal was to design a full circle approach to the vertical urban farm, bringing organic farming indoors in order to control the environment for herbs, vegetables and medical crops just like Mother Nature intended. Our Vertical Cultivation System (VCS®) success includes the use of worm castings, compost and other OMRI listed and natural ingredients making for the more nutrient dense and tasty produce and cannabis. The VCS® techniques recycle 100% of the organic and inorganic materials including any engineered media. Not only can we increase production due to the vertical orientation but we also reuse all materials with virtually zero waste water and very little new inputs! The GLTi Vertical Cultivation System is just that, “A system” The VCS® is complete with patented pending GLTi plug and play living walls, environmental controls, patent pending GLTi LED Apollo Green 840 LED, computer monitoring and automation. The GLTi Plug and Play is manufactured from recycles stainless, galvanized and aluminum making it easy to sanitize in between grow cycles to insure your crop is 100% disease and pest free from the initial planting! Because there is very little interaction, no separate vegetation room and bloom room there is a minimized risk of infestation or disease transfer. The ideal build out is as close to a clean room as you can get. This means no pesticides.


GLTi Plug and Play:

Pat. Pend. Designed in a 4″, 6″ and 1 gallon configuration, pending the crop, hanging in vertical orientation can be designed and installed in any height configuration. This design allows us to maximize the cubic feet of a facility.

GLTi LED Lighting – Apollo Green 840:

Pat Pend. Industry best flux density, flux / cost, and efficacy. Wide spectrum emulates natural sunlight. Controllable and enhanced spectral ranges, Lumen depreciation management, software managed between HVAC, light, water and nutrient ratios. 28.5% lower operating costs for cannabis growers.

Environmental Controls:

Wrap around dehumidification technology uses a heat exchanger to precool incoming air exchanging the heat for cold air. This “free” precooling reduces load while providing”free” heating using the warmer incoming air. The synergistic process of precooling and heating offers energy savings up to 65% and decouples humidity control from temperature control. 100% of the water removed during the dehumidification process is reused as irrigation water!

Facility Controls – Watchdog:

State of the art control system. Decentralized architecture composed of small control modules that are installed near equipment. Independent zones not limited to any given number of monitored areas permits full use of hardware resources. Automated and integrated, mobile monitoring and alarms, irrigation and nutrient delivery derived from PPFD measurements and HVAC.