Vertical Farms

Vertical Farms Second Only to Nature

Whether you want to connect with nature, preserve the environment, avoid pesticides, or just save a little money, Green Living Technologies International provides the ultimate in customized Vertical Farms. Now you can grow your all of your favorites year-round, utilizing industry-leading technology while secure in the knowledge the products you purchased are made in the USA and warranted for lifetime of enjoyment. These state-of-the-art, organically designed systems, which are sustainable, waste free and contribute positively to a green, organic environment, are successfully being utilized in the fast-growing medical and recreational cannabis industries. So whether for business or personal use, get back to nature by calling Green Living Technologies for all your Vertical Farming needs.

Vertical Farms — GLT Food Factories and Mobile Edible Wall Units (MEWU)

urban farms edible green walls installerSince 3000 BC families produced crops for their own consumption and some marginal barter. The US Department of Agriculture estimates 20 million victory gardens were planted in 1940. Fruit and vegetables harvested in these home and community plots was estimated to be 9-10 million tons, an amount equal to all commercial production of fresh produce. During these times of urban gardens there was also a significant decrease in transportation going to and from the market. Growing your own produce eliminates trips to the store and use of fossil fuels. As the farming labor force decreases and the vertical farms change so did agricultural technology, including the introduction to pesticides, machinery, seed altering genetics linked to modern disease.

Go back to basics; you don’t need a plot of land to maintain your own crop producing gardens. With evolution and urban development, the removal of fertile land replaced with concrete and buildings also created alternative ways to produce crops; you guess it green roofs and walls.

As the inventor of  edible green living walls, we provide services and products to teach, implement and maintain larger scale or personal urban / suburban farms.
We will work with you to design an application conducive to your fresh food objectives on your roof, using vertical walls or your basement!  No matter if you are an urban dweller in a big city or a suburbanite with a small yard or have a spare room we have multiple applications to fit your objective. From a single 12”x12” wall for herbs to acres of roof farm we can install and manage it for you or teach you to install and manage it yourself or a combination of both.

Contact us today for information on having us install a vertical farm of edible wall for you!

Vertical Farming & Green Roof Education…

The natural progression into education has allowed us to use the Mobile Edible Wall Unit (MEWU) as an educational tool. Celebrity teacher Steve Ritz (Discovery High School, Bronx NY) used the MEWU to improve attendance and achieve close to 100% passing regents scores. He credits the Edible Wall for engaging his students for bell to bell instruction. The MEWU is now available complete with a 90 page Unit Plan for instruction, including rubrics, assessments, and core cross over, which all adhere to the National Learning Standards. The family of Green Living Technologies is also the basis for the new High School diploma (2012) being written by George Irwin in collaboration with Jamie Cloud.

Vertical Farming doesn’t need to be permanent, view our mobile edible wall systems.