WHAT IS GLTi bioSoil?

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bioSoil is made up of probiotics for green roofs, living walls, all types of  plants, turf and agriculture. bioSoil contains a wide consortium of living, natural, beneficial bacteria. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria convert nitrogen from the air into natural fertilizer right at the plant, reducing input and fertilizer runoff. Nitrifying bacteria convert higher nitrogen forms into nitrates, the principle form of nitrogen used by plants and turf. Phosphate solubilizing makes the phosphorous in the soil more available. The combination allows growers to greatly reduce their fertilizer inputs. The photosynthetic bacteria in bioSoil “feed” the plant as well as the entire growing media food web by producing sugars and adding carbon biomass. The multiple Bacillus strains in bioSoil increase plant and turf health thus increasing their natural resistance to pathogens and disease, lowering the need for pesticides.


Left – Without bioSoil   Right – With bioSoil  

bioSoil is advanced science and biotechnology, and an all-in-one agriculture product that will augment your green roof & living wall media. Reducing of fertilizers, water, fungicides and chemicals. 

  • Most competitor products contain spore-forming (inert) microorganisms. In contrast, the beneficial bacteria in bioSoil are vegetative (alive and actively growing) so they start working instantly – results are often seen in hours as opposed to days or weeks
  • bioSoil contains a wide variety of beneficial bacteria that perform various functions for the plant. Many competitor products contain 1 or just a few strains
  • We do not use growth inhibitors or other chemicals to keep our microbes alive
  • Our product is shelf stable for at least two years, a significant advancement in microbiology
  • bioSoil contains photosynthetic microorganisms that produce energy for plants
  • bioSoil can be applied by your normal watering equipment
  • Irrigation systems, watering cans, sprayers (end-hose, backpack, truck), etc.
  • bioSoil can be applied as a foliar or a drench treatment
  • bioSoil can be used with Hydroponic techniques
  • Reduce water use by up to 50%.
  • Increase yields and brix levels by 20% or more
  • Healthier and greener plants, trees and turfs

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