Green Living Roof Waterproofing

Green Roof installations start with waterproofing

Very few green roof manufacturers are also waterproofing experts. We not only provide the green roof products and optional service we also provide waterproofing with unmatched warranty’s.

Typical Warranty Includes:

  • Waterproofing = 20 years, No dollar limit, No slip sheet or protection fabric needed! Optional 10 year on top of the 20 year! All waterproofing is backed by GLTi strategic partners.
  • Vegetation = 2 year standard included with maintenance program installation + every year the client retains the maintenance program our Pro Staff will continue to warranty the vegetation.
  • Non-Vegetative Components = Standard 2 year upon installation + every year after with maintenance agreement.
  • Over Burden Removal = Included as part of the warranty and maintenance.
  • Periodic Preventative Waterproofing Inspection = Included as part of your maintenance program.

Amongst others, GLTi Green Roof Systems also support Tremco and Hyload, both industry-leading waterproofing membranes with the following benefits:


The AlphaGuard MT system is a single component, fully reinforced, aliphatic polyurethane, moisture-triggered roofing system composed of a base coat reinforced with a glass mat for durability and a top coat. Both coats are applied with rollers, minimizing the amount of equipment that will be on a building’s roof. The system carries FM Approvals RoofNav ratings, is UL fire-rated, complies with the Florida Building Code and meets ASTM 7311. The AlphaGuard MT can also be applied directly over OLD waterproofing!

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ASTM-D5635 Dynamic Puncture Resistance

ASTM-D7311 AlphaGuard MT

Written Specification DOC

Leak Detection DOC




The Hyproof membrane is a high-performance Coal Tar Elastomeric Membrane (CTEM). Incorporating the modern benefits of DuPont™ Elvaloy® and the time-proven properties of coal tar pitch, Hyproof has passed the 2-year FLL root barrier test.

green living roof waterproofing water proof 2

  • Adheres to flat and horizontal surfaces
  • No root barrier or protection fabric (Hyload)
  • FM GLOBAL CLASS 1-90 Approval
  • Southern Building Code Congress International
  • 2 year root barrier (TEST RESULTS via PENN STATE (Hyload))
  • 75 mil, 90 mil and 150 mil options
  • Tear Strength = 300 ppi
  • Self-adhering, elastomeric sheet
  • Lap area provides redundancy for added strength
  • Protects against mineral residue, garden chemicals, oil and root penetration
  • Blends coal tar pitch with Dupont’s Elvaloy®
  • Reinforced with polyester fibers
  • Warranties available (up to 30 years) with our green roof on top
  • Hot air welded seams for system integrity – no lap adhesives that can be attacked by chemicals or roots.
  • Mold, rot, and mildew resistant
  • Extreme chemical resistance.
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Unaffected by ponding water – can be warranted on zero slope