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GLTI Plug and Play vs Competitor

Over the years the majority of our competitors have tried and tried over and over to reinvent the wheel. Living Walls are actually pretty simple if you think about it. Plants need water, nutrients and light, they will grow in virtually any plane. So how do we stand out from the rest of the industry? Read More

GLTI Pro Staff – The Heart and Soul of Our Network – Project Updates

GREEN LIVING TECHNOLOGIES PRO STAFFERS ARE FLEXING THIER TALENT!      We realize the importance of not only having a high quality product but even more importantly is working with some of the best talent in the industry. GLTI Pro Staffers are some of the best in the world at being a combination of things: Read More


  More than 8,000 tropical plants. 113 feet in width. 15 feet in height. One year in the making. When Greg and Terri Lee of 1st Look Exteriors wanted to bring their vision of Hawaii’s largest green living wall to life, they turned to George Irwin, President and of Founder Green Living Technologies International (GLTI). Now, Read More

Roof Top Farm Profitability?

After my recent post via Facebook was removed by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities I’m feeling even more enthusiastic to re write a more formal comment in response to an article printed in the Living Architect Monitor. “On the Roof with Urban Agriculture Rock Stars” depicting what I consider social entrepreneurs with big ambition and Read More

Hydroponic Growing Systems….A Threat to Students

Studies and Effects of Hydroponic Fertilizer Hydroponics is a method of cultivating plants using a fertilizer nutrient solution and water without soil. The popularity of this technique stems from the fact our food supply is increasingly stressed and the need to grow food faster is in order to keep up with demand. Hydroponic techniques can Read More