Architectural Solutions

For nearly two decades, Grn Living Technologies International has worked with renowned architects, designers and engineers around the globe, helping integrate green roofs, green walls and vertical farms into the design of the buildings, dwellings and the surrounding sites that people call their workplace and home.

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, companies and individuals are seeking out the living architecture and benefits provided by Green Living Technologies International’s green roofs, green walls and vertical farms. Architects, designers and engineers who advocate for and incorporate green architecture into their structural and site designs do more than bring beautiful visions to life. They assist their clients in reducing energy consumption, minimizing environmental impacts and creating healthier and more pleasant environments, while improving productivity and boosting property values. In the end, bringing nature inside and closer to your vision communicates a level of social responsibility through a connection with nature. A Green Living Technologies International green roof, green wall and vertical farm can bridge that vision.

Green Living Technologies International has been setting the standard for product and technological excellence for almost two decades, as demonstrated by the detailed, high-quality CAD and specs we provide to architects, designers and engineers. Through various affiliations and relationships, GLTi has influenced others in relation to the ongoing success of our technologies and products, which are among the most natural available within the industry. GLTi prides itself on providing lifetime warranties for all of our products, while positively impacting the quality of life and preserving the environment. Unlike others, we can truly say our techniques and products are a benefit and not a threat to the eco system.

As part of our close-working relationships with architects, designers and engineers, Green Living Technologies International offers a unique Lunch and Learn series, during which we address evolving industry trends, new and existing products and how we can work together to promote sustainability and enhanced designs through green architecture. To request a Lunch and Learn in your area, or find out more about our schedule and video conferencing opportunities, just completed our online registration form.

GLTi products are designed to match our integrity and longevity. We value the relationships between architect, designer, general contractor and our GLTi Pro Staff teams. Rest assured that when you specify a GLTi product, we guarantee to make your best interests our top priority, while always working hard to uphold and enhance the integrity of your project your professional reputation.

Thank you in advance for specifying Green Living Technologies International green roofs, green walls and vertical farms for your projects and clients!