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green roof educational programs

Both the Professional Certification and Educational programming are part of the GLT Institute LLC. The GLT Institute is an ongoing educational development by President George Irwin, also a former teacher. His love for education was a natural progression to provide services that have become part of the GLTi culture and social responsibility. Our mission and values connect Community, Education, Economics and Environment. These are the opportunities that contribute to the rebuilding of economies, provide living wage jobs and stimulate innovative ideas and problem solving around real world needs.

Like every great educational tool, the program is not dictated; we provide a baseline of support, in-service trainings and teacher’s guides to adapt the tools to the learner and to parallel the existing outcomes and objectives. We encourage schools and educators to add their own touch to our base program designed around Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM).  The curriculum is centered on the Mobile Edible Wall Unit or MEWU. The MEWU is available in two configurations.


MEWU PLUG and PLAY, perfect for Pre K and up, is the most advanced living wall system to date! The unit contains 90 standard 4″ pots ideal for the youngest of learners while keeping them safe and clean at their desk or work area. Each pot is recycled HDPE and can be used over and over again to grow herbs, leafy greens etc. while providing an enriched learning environment throughout the year. No need to wait for your school garden!

The Mobile Edible Wall Unit is delivered as a kit in preparation for immediate use. The MEWU is on wheels so it can be easily rolled through standard doors, in elevators and up ramps. If the weather is cooperative you can roll the unit outdoors to complement the school garden program.

green-roof-educational-programs-2The GLTi program is unlike any other garden program. Our programing starts in September and continues until June. Traditional school gardens start in March or April, outdoors, and the valuable learning opportunities are lost when school ends for summer vacation.

The learning starts as soon as your MEWU kit arrives. The older students have to work together to unpack the unit, inventory the parts, and use the simple pictorial and written directions to assemble the unit with simple tools. From the very start we implement the skills set forth with the STEM philosophy enhancing study within Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Our MEWU crosses over to every subject matter including Physical Education;  gardening is a life-long activity!

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University’s and schools learn about green roof installations in an authentic setting! This is ideal for practical experience that include students, staff and supporting school personal. You’re school can have green roofs for pennies on the dollar as a larger curriculum when you do the installation, teach the technology in classes and/or contact us to help you design a curriculum for green roofs, green walls and vertical / root top agriculture. We provide consulting, design and product materials to support the curriculum.

Students from The Bronx Discovery High School Installing Green Living Roofs as Part of a Curriculum