Plug and Play

GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall

Interior, Exterior & Vertical Agriculture

The most advanced yet simplest Living Wall system available period! The GLTi Plug and Play is unlike any other living wall to date, manufactured from the quality aluminum and stainless we use for our Green Living Wall Panels, the GLTi Plug and Play will not warp, crack, or disfigure typical with plastic products.


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The simple design allows for a modular installation with only two pieces of hardware per section. Standard sections available up to 6 foot high. The modularity simplicity reduces labor by 70% and hardware by 90%, this means less penetrations compared to any living wall available today!

  • The irrigation is 100% calculated and perfect for locations where an internal drain is not an option.
  • The GLTi Plug and Play utilizes industry standard 4″ pots and 8″ pots for larger scale agriculture.
  • Because it’s made from stainless or aluminum it can be used outdoors for limited and seasonal applications.
  • Simple irrigation without multiple connections at every row, no reservoir, no float valve, no UV light, no overflow,….less hardware, less headache, less maintenance.
  • Available in wall mounted, freestanding and picture walls!

Click Here for the GLTi Plug and Play Binder and Written Specification