Wall-mounted Systems

As the name indicates, Wall Mounted Systems are installed on an existing wall or other vertical structure. The only hard part is deciding which wall to start with. Click HERE for the VIDEO – “The Making of the PNC Green Living Wall”

Features of wall mounted green living wall systems:

  • Standard panels are manufactured with 4 or 6 inch depths
  • Accommodates deeper rooted plants like vegetables and grasses
  • Stainless steel or aluminum—for zero expansion or contraction—unlike plastic
  • 2-year minimum product warrant with optional 15 year and longer warranty’s
  • Patented design allows free water flow and drainage and unlimited root migration
  • No root rot or wasted irrigation
  • Simple mounting system for any application
  • Custom manufacturing and details allow for 100% design flexibility
  • From one square foot to our largest 17,000 square foot green living wall….”We made you look!”


Green Living walls are also available as free-standing system.