Training with a Purpose _ Single Source Warranty Updates

Training With a Purpose

The affordable housing complex at 690-738 Albany Avenue in East Flatbush known as Camba Gardens is nearly done. The two buildings feature living walls in the lobbies, landscaped roof terraces, green roofs and solar panels.

The project itself is a paradigm shift in affordable housing, this is a one of a kind development. The GLTi patented systems were part of a larger scope and impacted the populations we serve not just by adding green technologies but to help rebuild the economy and provide educational services. GLT has provided authentic learning since 2007 and since 2009 under the GLT Institute, dedicated to the education and training of design professionals, contractors, K-12, University level and non profit sectors.

Camba Gardens was contracted by strategic partner MNB Constructs and Philly Green Wall. Proudly the prevailing wage project allowed for them to hire GLT Institute graduates. Their employees on this particular project were graduates of the beta classroom for four years in the Bronx where attendance rose from 43% to 93% including 100% graduation rates and passing the NYS Regents. This is not the first opportunity MNB and Philly Green Wall has provided. When projects like this are available it is their priority to hire GLTi graduates because of the practical experience these graduates already have. These are the individuals and in this case High School graduates, who have successfully completed the training and are also gaining the required practicum hours in the field, they have a resume builder and the opportunity to earn a living wage.

The opportunity to provide a formal program dedicated to green roofs and walls in addition to providing authentic learning experiences are critical. Attending a class, watching a video or passing a written test after the fact are simply not good enough. There is a responsibility to provide authentic learning. Doctors and teachers are required by law to continue a practical experience. Would you let a doctor operate on you with no authentic training? Why would you allow such inexperience on the roof? There are a myriad of variables for each and every project, to teach each green roof or wall as a  cookie cutter experience would be wrong, yet it is happening. Rhetorically speaking, how does one prepare for the variables solely on classrooms and lectures?

The GLT Institute can provide a tailored program for individuals, large companies and newly accredited GRPs. If you are seeking project management, authentic experience for an installation or help with on going maintenance, our authentic approach is to protect you and the client.


  Single Source Warranty

Pleasant  Playground Rec Building – Philly Green Wall & Roof installing 3000 f2 waterproofing and the GLTi Green Living Roof for the City of Philadelphia

The 150 mil CTEM, heat welded seam by Hyload is complete and waiting the installation of the patented GLTi green living roof system. The entire system will be part of a 25 year warranty package with 100% mature vegetation. The benefit to working with GLTi is the fact we work directly with waterproofing manufacturers and we are capable of installing the waterproofing for smaller projects, where as our larger installations are overseen by the waterproofing company directly as GLTi holds the maintenance and warranty. This includes not only maintaining the vegetation but we also provide waterproofing inspections as a regular service. We consistently report back to the client and the waterproofing manufacturer as part of the maintenance terms. Prevention is the primary goal to protecting the building first and the vegetation second. Call and ask about the waterproofing options we provide. We also have the capability to retrofit an existing single ply without providing a tear off complete with a 20 year warranty with our patented GLTi green living roof system.