SUNY Old Westbury Green Roof takes a direct hit from SANDY, One year later…..

SUNY Old Westbury Green Roof takes a direct hit from SANDY, One year later…..

These pictures from the Nassau County Conservation District depicting the success of the GLTi green living roof system almost one year after a direct hit from hurricane Sandy.

Last October (2012) GLTi was commissioned to teach university professors, department heads and faculty an authentic experience installing a 1000 square foot green living roof. The two day workshop provided hours of intensive classroom activity and a full fledged authentic learning experience. The workshop was almost complete when the news announced that the University was going to take a direct hit from super storm Sandy. The installation was not even 48 hours old before the storm made its appearance.

There was also concern for yet another GLTi green roof only 3 hours East on the South Fork of Long Island.

Both roofs came out without the loss of a single plant! This was the ultimate wind uplift test. The systems modular design and monolithic performance allows the green roof to lock itself in place. When we speak of wind uplift the culprit is a loose edge or poor edging detail, the GLTi systems lock in place preventing wind uplift from the center of the roof. Because the GLTi extensive system is mature upon delivery there was no erosion or media loss associated with the high winds. If this roof was planted with cuttings it would be safe to say it would of had to be re planted costing thousands of dollars in repairs. According to Accuweather wind gusts were recorded at 97 mph on Long Island.

Don’t forget the storm water! The design and materials of the system not only retain storm water, credit should be directed to the systems ability to drain. Unlike trays that sit flat on the roof, the patented green living roof allows water to flow freely as if there is no green roof at all. Accuweather states between 7″ and 8″ fell on Long Island.

GLTi green roofs stood the test of one of the most intense storms of our time.



Installed 2011                                                                                                  Picture taken July 2013


The attendees were experienced educators participating in a train the trainer workshop. The previous knowledge about soil biology, bacteria and plant material allowed for a more in depth learning experience. With the previous knowledge we were able to scaffold the cognitive and physical skills accordingly. The process is very simple. These same techniques and applications have been taught to a wide variety of attendees over the years and have exceeded over 1500 learners in 9 country’s. The systems installation is very clean and there is no risk of media getting between the green roof and waterproofing creating a breach hazard.

                                                                                                     Installation October 2012
Below is a recent article on the GLTi single source warranty that goes hand in hand with the success of the GLTi green living roof panels.

Single Source Warranty

Pleasant  Playground Rec Building – Philly Green Wall & Roof installing 3000 f2 waterproofing and the GLTi Green Living Roof for the City of Philadelphia

As green roofs increase in popularity so do the number of products, installers and controversies. For the most part the client is at the mercy of the waterproofing manufacturer to use their green roof system, even if they don’t own one they are partnered with other companies,  if not, no warranty. Here is how this usually plays out, there are two key players, the waterproofing installer and a landscaper and neither one is likely well versed in the others trade, roofers hardly know plants and landscapers the waterproofing. At the end of the day when there is a problem who is ultimately responsible? The roofer blames the landscaper, landscaper blames the roofer and the warranty on the waterproofing by the manufacturer is worded so they are out of the picture. We have taken all the finger pointing away! Above is the base sheet for the 150 mil CTEM, heat welded seam by Hyload in preparation for the patented GLTi green living roof system. The entire project is installed by strategic partner Philly Green Wall & Roof, also green roof experts. The GLTi system is 100% compatible with all waterproofing applications however GLTi provides the single source warranty with the support of Hyload. The warranty is simple – 25 years No Dollar Limit, single paragraph no fine print,  with a GLTi green roof on top and NO root barrier required. As part of our maintenance package GLTi provides waterproofing inspections at no additional cost. If there is a problem we are authorized to fix it immediately and if it’s not Hyload we simply provide an inspection report back to the client and the manufacturer.  Green roof and waterproofing maintenance all under one warranty!