Holiday Theme Living Walls

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This GLTi Plug and Play living wall, compliments of Boston Citycapes, demonstrates the versatility of the GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall system. Figure 1 (TOP) displays Fall colors while Figure 2 (Bottom) demonstrates how the Plug and Play can be retro fitted in minutes to accommodate the seasonal look of the wall with darker greens and red flowers to accent the Christmas Holiday. This same effect is obtainable for upcoming holidays, spice up your office or home with plants specific to the event! How about Shamrocks or clover for St. Patrick’s Day? Roses for Valentines Day? Spring Bulbs for Easter? Or simply bored of the same plant texture and tapestry…No problem we can rotate the vegetation with ease! The same goes for restaurants and herbs!

Here is a sample of more Christmas themes! Looking to lease or rent a freestanding unit for a holiday party…call us direct for immediate information.

Christmas Display Web Version

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