Green Living Technologies Brings Hawaii’s Largest Green Wall to Life!


More than 8,000 tropical plants. 113 feet in width. 15 feet in height. One year in the making.

When Greg and Terri Lee of 1st Look Exteriors wanted to bring their vision of Hawaii’s largest green living wall to life, they turned to George Irwin, President and of Founder Green Living Technologies International (GLTI). Now, on the eve of tbe Grand Opening of the Ward Village’s Anaha Tower, GLTI has delivered on their spectacular vision of residents and visitors being welcomed to the tower by a beautiful, colossal green living wall.

Made up which of more than 8,000 ferns, bromeliads and syngonium, the 113-foot-wide green wall stretches throughout the exterior and interior of the Anaha Tower’s grand entrance. The Anaha Tower is one of five within Ward Village, a community with exceptional residences, an eclectic collection of retail stores and entertainment venues, pedestrian walkways and outdoor gathering spaces that embraces Hawaiian culture, while providing the perfect mix of urban and island living.


Beautifying Our Cities, Purifying Our Environment

For nearly two decades, GLTI has collaborated with renowned architects, designers and engineers around the globe, helping integrate green roofs, green walls and vertical farms into the design of the buildings, dwellings and the surrounding sites that people call their workplace and home. GLTI is on the cutting edge of design, installation and maintenance of interior and exterior green walls that are wholly manufactured in the USA and guaranteed for a lifetime of environmental benefits and green beauty. The gigantic Anaha Tower green living wall is living proof of just that.


Let Us Grow Your Imagination

There’s a reason why GLTI is known as being Second Only to Nature. Let us help you bring your green roof, green wall or vertical farm to life for a lifetime by calling 800-631-8001 or by contacting us.