GLTI Plug and Play vs Competitor

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Over the years the majority of our competitors have tried and tried over and over to reinvent the wheel. Living Walls are actually pretty simple if you think about it. Plants need water, nutrients and light, they will grow in virtually any plane. So how do we stand out from the rest of the industry? You can look at it a few ways, take the big box store mentality, some are perfectly fine with less quality and something we coined as “one time use” products that will eventually fail and break down. The client becomes tired of it and can’t justify the cost of maintenance. Then there is the upper end of the spectrum or the synonymous association to being the “Cadillac” of the industry. We can’t pay much attention to the big box store products knowing the eventual outcome, but how does GLTI separate themselves from the competition?

Over the past 18 years we have consistently advanced our products to reflect the needs and health of the plant. We have also taken into account the quality of our products and the ease of installation. Needless to say, the quality is virtually unmatched, our systems are manufactured from 100% recycled metal, aluminum and stainless, allowing us to provide a lifetime warranty on our living wall products. Compare the GLTI Plug and Play and there is no other competitor in the world who can provide such an unheard of warranty!

Besides quality GLTI compares our technology by virtue of efficiency. We speak in terms of efficiency from a performance and installation perspective. The thought process in the development of the Plug and Play was to control 100% of the water so that we have absolutely zero waste.  The Plug and Play is perfectly calculated so each row can only retain the exact amount of water specific to the number and size of plants in that row. It is impossible to over water the GLTI Plug and Play. The rows can only hold so much water before they drain to the next one, if there is waste water it is because the irrigation is not calibrated. Each row has its own drip line, once a single row is full the entire wall is fully irrigated. This is true for our 4”, 6” and 1 Gallon versions of the Plug and Play.

The key design element, contrary to our competition who has to install one row at a time, the Plug and Play panels are far superior. The Plug and Play is manufactured in a modular panel virtually in any configuration from one pot to 81 pots (12 square feet) and require only two pieces of hardware. This means less penetrations, less labor, less room for error. From an installers perspective that means a 70% savings in labor, from a client perspective that’s 70% less penetrations and minimized room for future error while still maintaining less than 12 lb. per square foot.

Fig 1

Rear Drain Assembly

Rear Drain Assembly









Compared to our competition (Above), who has to install one row at a time, the GLTI Plug and Play already has the drain holes built into each row, there is NO need to manually assemble each drain from row to row. The hole in the competitors system requires a manually assembled drain for each piece. See Fig 1. This could be hundreds of drains and hundreds of opportunities for leaks. This leaves room for human error and the increase chance to water leaking behind the competitor’s wall allowing for moisture build up you may never know it until it is too late.

GLTI Plug and Play

Competition – Same number of plants however has over 100 penetrations and 45 hand assembled mechanical drains.

















The GLTI Plug and Play has a built-in bracket system that allows for air flow behind the living wall eliminating the need for any moisture barrier, besides when you are putting hundreds of holes through the moisture barrier, like our competitor, why bother?


Left – GLTI Plug and Play requires only 60 pieces of hardware and no assembled drains. If this were the competition it would require 558 penetrations and 248 drains! It is safe to say the GLTI Plug and Play is highly efficient from a technology and installation process.

Would you like to save 70% or more in labor?

When it comes to quality, efficiency and productivity it is hard to beat the GLTI Plug and Play.