GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall Now Available!

GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall Now Available!


The GLTi Plug and Play Living Wall (aka Plug and Play) materialized in 2008 and was revisited for production in September of 2013. (Fig 1 Poinsettias) After consistent and lengthy trials the Plug and Play has proven Plug and Play_Boston_eto be the go to product and industry driver for interior living walls, agriculture and limited exterior applications. The Plug and Play is divided into modular panels ranging from 12 square feet to one square foot and each requires only two pieces of hardware per section. This reduces the number of penetrations by 80% compared to any other living wall.The Plug and Play requires 90% less irrigation hardware and materials, no reservoirs and minimal plumbing components making this the simplest yet the most sophisticated system in the world. Because the system is perfectly calculated to have zero waste water no external drain required.* These attributes relate to a savings of up to 50% in labor!

Constructed with GLTi standards, using metal not plastic, the Plug and Play has the expected quality and attributes of the original Green Living Wall, where the panels are situated off the wall allowing air flow and to prevent condensation build up. Unlike plastic the Plug and Play can be used in exterior applications where seasonal use applies for herbs or annuals or in climate regions that will support warmer weather. Exterior applications do have limited height restrictions, but indoors the sky’s the limit! The Plug and Play is also ideal for seasonal changes! Holiday plants for Christmas, Roses for Valentines day, Shamrocks on St Patrick’s Day, Tulips and other bulbs for Easter!

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1. Install more product in less time with less hardware
2. NO brackets
3. 80% less hardware means 80% less drilling or screws
4. NO Spacers, the Plug and Play has a built in space between the wall and the panels to allow for air flow.
5. Side trim brackets can mount directly onto the panels
6. The top trim slides into the slot on the top of the plug and play panels, no cutting with a grinder around the spacers.
7. NO pre planting saving thousands in labor and time allowing the plants to mature.
8. Plant it on site, this means the plants can be drop shipped to the project and eliminate handling them three times.
9. Plug and play panels are installed without plants making the installation much faster.
10. Irrigation is minimal the reservoir in the bottom of each row is perfectly calculated to hold 3/4″ of water allowing plants to wick the water through the holes in the pots leaving little to no waste.
11. Irrigation is perfectly distributed and calculated to eliminate the floor drain. *Floor drain should still be considered for safety when using automated timers. For manual on / off NO floor drain required.
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