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Growing food, maximizing space and yields, and providing sustainable off-the-shelf solutions, GLTi is a pioneer in “Zero Miles” from farm to table using the simplified means of indoor and outdoor Edible Wall Technology and the patented Green Living Wall. From an experiment to a revolution . . . welcome to the new wave of agriculture, education and green job opportunities.

Unlike hydroponics and aeroponics, the GLTi Food Factory and Edible Wall solutions are simple and lack the highly mechanical needs of other systems. No pumps, misters, or chemically infused water to grow food. The GLTi systems can be 100% organic with minimal water use and produce up to 25% higher yields.

The GLTi Vertical Walls are also the only green wall system in the world you can easily use with organic growing media and through hydroponics. One system for all types of growing techniques.

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