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Mobile Edible Wall Unit (MEWU)

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GLTi is proud to provide urban agriculture through our GLTi Food Factories and Edible Wall Technology. GLTi is a pioneer in “zero miles” from farm to table with indoor and outdoor edible walls for growing fresh fruits and vegetables in urban environments.  Two options; wall mounted or mobile. The mobile walls are designed for use indoors, outdoors, and even parking lots – without having to build raised beds or breaking ground. The GLTi Mobile Edible Wall has advance urban food production and vertical farming technology to new levels. Teachers click here to visit our education link!

The GLTi Mobile Edible Wall Units (MEWU) are manufactured from the highest grade stainless steel, made to last, mounted on wheels so they can be relocated to maximize the exposure to the sun throughout the year and be configured to fit odd-shaped areas. This also allows for use in parking areas, Brownfield sites, and temporary farming solutions. Utilize abandoned parking areas and move your farm as needed!

Larger applications include the “A” Frame configurations both for commercial, DIY applications and smaller home use applications. green urban farms mobile edible wall

Two irrigation options complete the easy to use vertical farms.  Manual irrigation is accomplished by adding water to the drip reservoir at the top of the unit, while optional metered and automatic irrigation is available for larger commercial growers.

Additionally, the unit can be situated indoors during the winter months to provide a year round growing experience complete with grow lights that support both leafy greens and flowering plants.  The lights are specifically designed for the commercial and educational indoor application, allowing food production throughout the year. By utilizing our GLTi bioSoil to populate your panels, you can grow amazing  produce without the need for any chemical fertilizers or synthetic additives.

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With multiple applications and options contact us now to design your vertical farm!  For smaller applications great for apartments and offices the picture wall may be the wise choice! 2 screws and your own plants: herbs, tomatoes, peppers and more!

Contact us today for information on having us install an urban farm of edible wall for you!

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