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University & High School Specific Workshops
 Left – SUNY Old Westbury administration & staff learn to install an extensive green roof during a private 2 day GLTi workshop! 


Up to a 50% savings by installing through our workshop. University green roofs for the cost of materials!


– Green roofs are now the norm and not a novelty. We provide the same intense classroom activity with authentic hands on application.- We provide an in depth 2 to  5 day workshop at the University specifically tailored to your learning objectives and demographic. We design around you and your budget.

– No matter the application: extensive, intensive, roof top farms or roof gardens we teach the most modern techniques.

– Why hire outside contractors to install green roofs when we provide train the trainer programs allowing staff and support teams to duplicate techniques in house with our optional ongoing support and consulting.

– Green roof installation could be part of a student class not an outside contract. Install green roofs at the school as a larger learning experience for a fraction of the cost vs hiring a contractor.

– University’s recuperate costs, once from tuition and again on the financial benefits of green roofs!

Professional Services: We provide ongoing consulting, supplies, lecture materials, curriculum planning, guest appearances, support services such as Design, design build options, architectural shop drawing, mechanical, irrigation, submittals, project management and job site supervision to insure your next student or staff green roof project is installed safely and properly.

LEARN BY DOING!… The green roof pictured here was installed 2 days before Hurricane Sandy as part of the Admin and Staff workshop and the roof came out untouched! A testament to the capability of the techniques and quality!

Let us help you plan your workshop or next elective class!

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Products & Services
Green Roofs, Walls, Vertical and Roof Top Agriculture


We are the only company in the US to provide patented green roof and walls in addition to professional services. If you are a professional installer or a first time homeowner we can provide as much or as little support needed.
Green Roofs- All the key layers in one easy to install modular application. 3200 lbs per sf compressive strength make it the only system for both intensive, extensive, pavers, trees and more! The ease of modularity with the performance of a built up.
Designed around water retention we can minimize irrigation use!
Available with 100% mature sedum or plant in place.


One System for all green roofs!

Compatible with most manufacturers or we can also provide a single source warranty!

A Professional Guide to Green Roof Installations
Pre – Release Offer!
This 210 page book is fully illustrated and is a no nonsense guide to installing green roofs for the professional, building owner and hobbyist. Packed with valuable information, product and cost comparisons and easy to follow instructions and drawings.
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