NBC – GLT Universal is Green – NYC Rockefeller Center

green wall installation companyNew York, New York, November 14, 2010, Rockefeller Center,  NBC and the NBC Experience Store partnered with Green Living Technologies to promote “Green is Universal” week. The project started as a store window and an interior wall. Little did they realize the wall was going to be installed by the youngest GLT Installers in the world. The graduating class from the Spring of 2010 (Boston MA in collaboration with Janice Goodman and Cityscape) are now in the GLT internship program getting paid on the job! The story just got bigger! These were kids from the Discovery HS in the Bronx (Steve Ritz’s class) being paid to learn. The program is part of a larger GLT curriculum. The same Discovery Team has classroom farm markets and has produced enough food to feed 450 people a gourmet lunch in the school cafeteria. This is the same class that installed a green roof on a 4 million dollar house in the Hamptons over the summer. According to GLT CEO George Irwin, “We are providing opportunities and changing lives”. GLT currently has multiple products for use in classrooms and as Mr. Ritz explained as “Bell to Bell Instruction” Special thank you to Parker Plantscapes for working with the installers at the main growing facility in Scotch Plains NJ. Parker Plantscapes is one of many major representatives of GLT waiting to hire the GLT graduates. Be sure to watch NBC and visit the Green is Universal website for more information. For more information on the GLT curriculum or educational products email us at info@agreenroof.com or call 800-631-8001