Green Roof Systems

One system for ALL types of Green Roof applications

The Patented Green Living Roof Panel System is an all-in-one built-up green roof with the ease of a modular installation. Available for purchase with or without installation services or vegetation. Do it yourself applications, we also provide consulting, architectural and project manage

US PAT #s  7716873 & 7716873GLTi Green Roof 2013

  • 1 meter x 1 meter sections
  • Drain board 90% post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Provides the surface space between the green roof and its waterproofing.
  • Allows for air movement and free drainage, and cups also provide the first layer of water retention.
  • Water retention 100% post-consumer polyester, filter fabric, erosion control all in one.
  • Compressive strength of 3200 sf (150 kN/m²) can accommodate trees, planters or patios
  • Drainage speed of 26 gallons per minute
  • Class B fire rating
  • Water retention  (.55-.60 gal/sq ft) = 5.88 – 6.42 gal per 10.7 sf (Without vegetation)
  • Interlocking NO Mechanical assembly or clips
  • For roofs with a pitch of less than 25 degrees
  • Lightweight easy to ship and lift to roof
  • Accommodates undulations and can be cut to fit unique shapes and odd angles
  • Average weight is only 15 lbs per square foot saturated with 3″ of media and plants
  • Panels provide a seamless appearance with the convenience of  a modular system
  • Access the waterproofing without destroying the green roof
  • Unlike other trays, these roots make 100% contact with the panel next to it!
  • Because of the patented water wicking and retention irrigation is optional (Pending Region)
  • Because the panels are flexible it is easy to irrigate with pop up rotors and overhead sprays.
  • ONE SYSTEM for Extensive, Intensive, Patios or Amenity Space
  • Always 100% mature vegetation

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green living roof panel sloped roofs

The Original Green Living Wall Designed For Sloped Green Roofs

  • For slopes of 20 degrees or more
  • Depths from 3”—6” on slopes greater than 20—90 degrees
  • Only 15 pounds/square foot saturated
  • Some designs have NO penetrations
  • Can be installed on top of shingles!