GLT International, LLC (GLTi) Single Source Installation, Lifetime Green Roof Warranty

GLT International, LLC (GLTi) Single Source Installation, Lifetime Green Roof Warranty & Free EBook (PDF)

GLT International, LLC (GLTi) Single Source Installation, Lifetime Green Roof Warranty & Free EBook

Rochester, New York & Philadelphia PA (November 30, 2013.)

Green Living Technologies International LLC (GLTi) ( provides a lifetime warranty on their patented Green Living Roof system. This extensive green roof for the City of Philadelphia demonstrates our design build approach from decking, waterproofing and green living roof via GLTi green roof experts and Pro Staff Philly Green Wall & Roof. The GLTi single source application comes directly from our design build teams, unlike typical green roof applications the green roof installer is not always the waterproofing installer. Our green roof ProStaff experts are also waterproofing, irrigation and maintenance experts. This single source model eliminates any concern of “Who is responsible”. The GLTi model allows the City of Philadelphia a piece of mind that the waterproofing is covered  for the next 25 years in addition GLTi will warranty the patented green living roof every year there is a maintenance agreement in place with a GLTi Pro Staff team, no questions asked. The same green roof warranty is inclusive on top of any water proofing!  We can also provide the same for option for a vegetative warranty. You now have a lifetime warranty option for both system and vegetation. Using our preferred waterproofing? Our design build warranty also includes overburden removal and waterproofing inspection as part of the general maintenance contract.

“Owners want to insure they are protected and we want to provide the highest level of protection possible. Unlike plastic trays our system provides lightweight flexibility contouring to the roof eliminating the breech hazard when growing media falls between and under a tray or the tray system breaks right under your feet and you don’t even know it”.

This Philadelphia application is on the heels of a recent article “Philadelphia water management: from grey to green infrastructure” According to the Philadelphia Water Department, “A cost benefit analysis showed the latter option to be far less expensive than the former around $2.4bn over 25 years for the green approach as opposed to $8bn for the grey, the city became convinced that it was making the right decision”.


The city chose GLTi for the ease of modularity, the performance of a built up green roof, the design build approach, warranty, its single product flexibility and the ability to retain a calculated amount of storm water built into the patented green living roof design.  The GLTi system is one product for all types of green roofs with no wasted materials, it has the ability to adjust the amount of storm water retained for just pennies, there is no need for various systems and materials simply specify the media depth and the amount of storm water you want to retain. Planting options can vary from 100% mature, intensive roof gardens, roof farms and custom planted in place. Extensive systems with 100% mature sedum starting at $15.00 per square foot installed!

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Green Living Technologies International, LLC (GLTi) ( and the GLT Institute LLC continue to provide intelligent patented green roof & wall technologies, education and vertical farming solutions. With relations in 9 countries our modern and competitive world provides exciting and challenging opportunities. A GLTi application can secure the balance between community, education, economics and environment. Our patented products and programming touch the world in many ways, GLTi provides quality market driven solutions. We provide a full package that completes the value chain from manufacturing our patented technologies, installations and long term warrantees.


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