Core of GLTi Values Continue with Vertical Farm in Haiti

Rochester NY & Des Moines, Iowa, April 4, 2014 Green Living Technologies International (GLTi) is living up to the core values that help build hope for thousands of students across the globe. GLTi has partnered with the “Six Degrees of Separation” to bring vertical farming to Haiti.

The Six Degrees of Separation is a501c grouped by 6 intertwined women working to provide educational opportunities to communities in need.  The current project is in Haiti.  After the earthquake the country was left in ruin. Our group chose to help through concentrated education efforts in rural Haiti.  In Labiche, about 5 hours southwest of Port au Prince, we are providing uniforms, school supplies, and teaching assistance to a school of 52 children.  To create an atmosphere of success through achievement we have also developed a scholarship program that allows the top performing students, currently 6 young girls, to receive paid tuition in exchange for parental involvement, academic proficiency, and extended learning through ESL classes.  They continue to work to raise money both for sustaining our current involvement (continued needs for uniforms, supplies, etc.) and developing extended opportunities through the use of solar panels for electricity to power lights and computers for added learning options, an extended scholarship reserve, and a potential library that could serve not only young students but adult learners as well.   Establishing a local agricultural project could provide additional education and income opportunities beneficial to the entire community.

The school is only open for ½ of the day because they cannot feed the students losing valuable teaching and learning opportunities. GLTi will embark on a journey to Haiti to implement an educational vertical farm. GLTi known for its learning outcomes has a track record of educational success including a four year beta classroom in the Bronx boasting 100% graduation rates and 93% attendance in a four year period. GLTi has gone on to duplicate the success in many other districts and Universities.

The vertical farm implementation includes the installation and curriculum it also included general agricultural and food preparation as part of a broad stroke application. This is the school garden at its best. Our efforts will inspire and continue to produce food, yet students will learn the skills needed to take advantage of opportunities, they will graduate and rebuild Haiti. Our vertical farms have profound impact on student achievement, they teach grit and tenacity to succeed. Students take ownership and work hard to see their farms grow.  In most cases here in the US the food is a byproduct of student achievement, in Haiti the food is life changing providing nutrition and the needed full day of school. GLTi will also contribute to other general practices like storm water use, horizontal and raised bed techniques, composting and the breeding of biological contributors of excellent agricultural soils.”

To continue to help the effort you can make a capital contribution to the Six Degrees of Separation by visiting the help page.


Green Living Technologies International, LLC (GLTi) continue to provide intelligent patented green roof & wall technologies, education and vertical farming solutions. With relations in 9 countries our modern and competitive world provides exciting and challenging opportunities. A GLTi application can secure the balance between community, education, economics and environment. Our patented products and programming touch the world in many ways, GLTi provides quality market driven solutions. We provide a full package that completes the value chain from manufacturing our patented technologies, installations and long term warrantees.


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