After 4 years Lightweight Green Living Roof out Performing Deeper Profiles


After 4 years Lightweight Green Living Roof out Performing Deeper Profiles



Project Name: Mead Building
Year: 2010
Owner: Multnomah County
Location: Portland OR, USA
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Type: Extensive
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 6000 sq.ft.
Slope: 3%
Access: Accessible, Private

Picture from 2014

Rochester NY & Multnomah County, Portland OR, March 21, 2014 According to Alan Proffitt via Multnomah County / Portland OR, GLTi can’t be more thrilled to hear that after 4 years the one roof that has outperformed the rest is the GLTi Lightweight Extensive Green Living Roof. The project named “Mead Building” was installed in 2010, under constrained guidelines and extremely limited load capacities, the eco-roof application has the lowest media profile of all the roofs in Multnomah County at 12 lbs per square foot. It has fared the best in performance and ease of maintenance of all the other manufacturers with deeper profiles and was the lowest cost.

Alan contributes the GLTi bioSoil to the success of the plants under the reduced media and environmental stress. Yet another third party testament to a superior yet simple product application, the patented Green Living Roof panel worth every penny in performance alone!

Fast Facts on the Patented GLTi Green Living Roof…

1. All the key layers adhered allowing for ease of installation via the modularity and time savings yet it has the performance of a traditional built up multilayer application that uses bulk rolls of materials to create the layers….GLTi patented tech has simplified the installation without sacrificing performance.

2. The system is designed around storm water control. The System can retain up to 8 gallons of water per meter with 4″ of engineered media and still only weight 18-20 lbs per sf saturated. This is considered lightweight however GLTi has been successfully able to reach weights as light as 10 and 12 lbs per sf saturated to accommodate minimal roof load capabilities.

3. GLTi can design and has been commissioned to exceed stormwater regulations, like in Philadelphia, allowing the developer to forgo existing run off and retention with a GLTi Green Living Roof for pennies of the cost of cisterns.

4. The system can be designed to increase the amount of water it retains by adding the GLTi water retention layer to improved holding capability yet the waffle design allows for water storage and free drainage up to 26 gallons per minute being designed for the 100 year storm event. The water retention also allows for horizontal wicking that eliminates puddles and pooling causing sitting water that is a breeding ground for root rot and insects.

5. The system is 100% flexible and can account for undulations and abnormalities in the roof profile, it can also be cut to fit curves and odd angles for the perfect fit. Unlike trays which are considered a breech hazard.

6. The system is also manufactured from post-consumer recycled materials and has a compressive strength of 3200 lbs per square foot allowing the same system to be used for traditional low growing extensive green roofs, to large scale roof gardens with mature trees, water features and amenity space including patios and walks. One system for all your green roofs.

Truly the most versatile system in the market with the ease of installation and if in fact you have to access the waterproofing, the system is modular, without destroying the entire green roof we can inspect or repair the waterproofing as needed.


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