2013 Education Kick Off



Tampa Bay Training & Workshop      |  MEWU – STEM Education 
Education – Opportunities for 2013
Community, Education, Economics and Environment

Tampa Bay – Florida April 19-21
Green Roofs, Green Walls,
Vertical & Roof Top Agriculture


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Day 1 Green Roofs
Day2  Green Walls
Day3 Vertical & Roof Top Agriculture
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Tampa Bay Training and Workshop Agenda PDF

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the simplicity of green roofs, green walls, urban, vertical and roof top agriculture and waterproofing, learn by doing, avoid common mistakes and easy to follow details will provide an even deeper understanding of how to make these technologies work successfully.

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Mobile Edible Wall Unit (MEWU)
MEWU – 4 year Pilot Shows 100% Graduation Rates Over 4 years!


The MEWU is part of the GLT Institute education and university applications. Complete as a “kit” the patented green living wall provides an economical way to introduce STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum. MEWU and green roofs as part of the STEM curriculum will provide an emphasis on engineering and the design process, build awareness of and create excitement for STEM type of careers, promote engineering habits. Our garden program is year round! Why wait until spring, introduce critical career interest and test taking skills by engaging students with food and plants!
NOW complete with 250 page teachers guide and sample 4 week Unit plan and 9-12 Learning Outcomes! FREE with the MEWU
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green living technologies institute training

A Professional Guide to Green Roof Installations
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This 220 page book is fully illustrated and is a no nonsense guide to installing green roofs for the professional, building owner and hobbyist. Packed with valuable information, product and cost comparisons and easy to follow instructions and drawings.
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