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GLTi Farms

The retro fit of an old factory continues to be the hub of the GLTi Farms in collaboration with Foodlink. The facility acts as an R&D demonstration site to continuously test techniques, organic fertilizer and improved environmental controls. The vertical orientation now boasts zero waste water even though the application is drain to waste. The system is precise and calculated not to waste a single gallon of water.

The vertical orientation had provided 3 times the yields of traditional horizontal farming. 12 square feet of the GLTi patented system only consumes 4 square feet of foot print. The media applications vary from client to client. The GLTi systems can be used for true hydroponic with rock wool, coco husk or peat based medias. The use of peat and high quality compost has provided great tasting produce year round.

GLTi is planning the final stages of it’s franchise opportunity starting in Delray Beach Florida where contract growing for Chefs will allow the produce to be delivered still in the GLTi panels alive! The Chef will be able to decide what they want and when they want it. The Delray facility will also utilize the roof to maximize production. The commercial pilot farm from Tampa has shown how viable and enticing “Living Food” is to the end user, needless to say the marketing is worth the cost of the service.
VIDEO LINK for a tour of the Rochester GLTi Farm.


Philly Green Wall – Roof Implement Design Build Single Source for the City of Philadelphia

Pleasant  Playground Rec Building – Philly Green Wall & Roof installing 3000 f2 waterproofing and the GLTi Green Living Roof for the City of Philadelphia

This extensive green roof  by the City of Philadelphia to included a design build approach from decking, waterproofing and green roof via GLTi green roof experts and Pro Staff Philly Green Wall. The single source application comes directly from our design build team, unlike typical green roof applications the green roof installer is not always the waterproofing installer. This single source model eliminates any concern of “Who is responsible and for what”. This allows the City of Philadelphia a piece of mind that the building is safe for the next 25 years and if there is a maintenance agreement in place the warranty continues every year after. This project is completed on the heels of a recent article “Philadelphia water management: from grey to green infrastructure” According to the Philadelphia Water Department, “A cost benefit analysis showed the latter option to be far less expensive than the former around $2.4bn over 25 years for the green approach as opposed to $8bn for the grey, the city became convinced that it was making the right decision”.

GLTi / Philly Green Wall & Roof specialize in waterproofing and green living roofs as single source providers or as a retro fit for commercial and residential. From design build to structure to vegetation, we provide materials, supervision, design services or an all in one package with long term warranty for both waterproofing and vegetation. “It’s more than a product, its science”.

Pictures, via Philly Green Wall & Roof, taken between October and November 2013 during the installation.

Green Living Roof Costs Go Down – Performance Goes Up

Green RoofThe patented GLTi Green Living Roof system just got a facelift! Like all our technology we are always striving for improvements. The green living roof panel has increased the water holding capability by .5 gallons per meter (10.7s square feet) exceeding the potential 8 gallon holding capacity, in addition we have been able to lower the cost! The current product pricing reflects the market demand to lower the cost on green roof applications and provide long term warranty’s and impeccable performance…..and we are listening! Starting costs can be as low as 10.00 -15.00 per square foot installed with 100% mature vegetation. The improvements also allow us to provide one meter and two meter sections that interlock  making the installation quick and seamless while acquiring the contour of the roof, unlike trays our system does not create a breech hazard and growing media never leeches to the waterproofing. Easy installation, long term warranty’s, strength and flexibility, water retention and plant health, one product for all your green roof needs. We sell DIY kits and can also provide job site supervision or training for professionals and homeowners. One system for Extensive, Intensive and anything in between.